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Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress& Anxiety
April 21st at 6pm
Self Shiatsu

Understanding Homeopathic MIASM’S

April 21st, 5pm

Understanding MIASM’S and how it can help our state of growth and changing of the guard of how we feel with in.

One person may express grief as tears, while another expresses it as heart failure. One person might express despair as loss of hair or vision, while another might express it through suicide or cancer. The way in which we tell our stories can be defined by the influence of our miasmatic predisposition. It is in the telling of these stories through body or mind that gives us the potential to eliminate distorted thought processes caused by old, out-dated disease patterns.

Angelic Figure

Self - Acupressure
Concentration & Clarity
April 27th at 5pm 

ClassesPoints on the Body


Remedy in Orange
April 26th at 7:30pm